vOID Digital Video and Final Cut Pro Workshops 

The term "DV revolution" can be summed up into three words: Final Cut Pro. The digital video revolution" means that more people now have access to affordable and creative DV making without having to pay what was once an astronomical sum. With digital video and Final Cut Pro editing, one can now produce, direct, shoot, and edit his or her own project at a fraction of the cost. Final Cut Pro means creative independence and career opportunities.

The vOID DV and Final Cut Pro Workshops are the first affordable step toward independent DV making. From basic, to intermediate, to advanced; the workshops lay a solid foundation for those interested in becoming independent dv makers, editors, and instructors to name a few. The workshops are recommended for all ages; whether you're entering or graduating college, ready for a career change, or anywhere in between, this is a great place to start.

The vOID Digital Video and Final Cut Pro "hands-on" workshops are limited to ten students.